It is impossible to achieve long-term business success without an added value to the Client. Our strengths:
Long term relationship with both the Clients and the suppliers – successful cooperation and attention to our partners brings the stability in trading.
Hedge instruments and risk management – we trade responsibly, use procedures for daily processes as well as hedge instruments to control the risk and eliminate commodity price volatility.
Logistical solutions – most effective road, railway and sea transport solutions are chosen.
Below you can find more information about the commodities we trade.

Oil products

Company Reltina, which belongs to Soreco group, specializes in the trade of light oil products, mainly diesel and biodiesel. We trade both physical goods and the futures. We create added value by using risk management tools, as well as having long term relations with our suppliers and the Clients.

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Important segment of products Soreco trades is made from renewable sources – the biofuel. Main products are wooden chips and pellets, as well as straw products.

Our main added value is Soreco group produces heat energy in its 5 MW biofuel boiler house, which must be supplied with the energy resources. We understand our Clients, as we face same issues in our energy production unit, and that helps us to better understand and fulfill Client needs. We closely cooperate also with the energy resource suppliers in order to ensure stable supply.

Agriculture products

Soreco trades as well various agriculture products like rapeseed oil, feed stocks, agro peat or sapropel. We offer products from the reliable suppliers, ensuring stable supply of quality products. Soreco created added value through long term relations with the suppliers and the Clients.